How Much Bandwidth Does VOIP Require

VOIP Bandwidth:

VOIP is a method of using VOIP. The bandwidth required for each call will vary depending on the quality of the connection and codecs. G.711 can use 80 kbps to call, while G.729 can only use 10-12kbps. Low-quality connections can use even more bandwidth per call. You may notice a difference in bandwidth usage if you are making lots of calls or using a high-quality connection.  to make VOIP calls.

UK businesses are replacing outdated legacy phone systems with voice over IP ( VOIP telephone system)telephones systems. The key step to moving to VoIP is to accurately plan the data and bandwidth you will use. If your VOIP system doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth, calls will be less quality and rendered useless. if you are looking for a mobile top-up service then, Prepaid Mall is the best choice for you.




How Much Bandwidth Does VOIP Require:

The specific bandwidth used by VoIP calls will depend on the type and configuration of your voice-over IP system. However, there’s a general rule that says each concurrent call will need 100 Kilo Bytes per second (Kbps), to upload and 100Kbps to download.

You should therefore allocate a minimum 100Kbps x 15 =1.5Mbps upload and downloading bandwidth to support 15 simultaneous calls. Voice over IP (VoIP), systems are becoming increasingly popular with businesses. Understanding how they work and how much bandwidth is required is crucial. VoIP systems use many codecs (coder/decoders), in order to compress and decompress digital voice signals. G.711, G.729 & GSM -FR are the most used codecs.

G.711 has the lowest computational requirements and therefore requires the least bandwidth. G.729 is slightly more complicated and requires slightly less bandwidth. GSMFR is the most difficult of the three codes and uses the most bandwidth.


How to Reduce Bandwidth for VOIP:

You can use a codec having a lower bitrate to reduce the bandwidth that a VoIP call needs. G.711 codec for example will require less bandwidth than the G.729 codec. A voice activity detection (VAD), the system can be used to decrease the bandwidth required for calls. VAD systems only transmit audio data when a person is speaking. This can greatly reduce the bandwidth required to make a call.

Bandwidth is the maximum data transfer that can be done over your internet connection. For ADSL2+ users, the maximum bandwidth available is 24Mbps. It is crucial to know the bandwidth that you receive from your internet provider because VoIP telephone systems are dependent on it.

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