How To Call Africa From USA

How To Call Africa From the USA

The international dialing format below is required to make a telephone call from Africa to the United States. The dialing procedure is the same whether calling  Africa on a mobile phone or landline from the United States.

Use the following dialing format to call South Africa from the United States:

Enter the exit code to the country you wish to call: Locate your country’s exit code online. It is usually between 2-3 digits. This code allows you to dial out to the country you are in.

  • Execution codes for calls coming from the U.S. include “011” and “00”, respectively.
  • In certain countries, you may be able to substitute “+”, instead of the exit code digits. This is the international dialing code.

After the exit code, dial 27:This number should be used in all phone calls to  Africa. Following the exit code that you entered, immediately type “27”. The  African country code remains the same no matter where you are calling.

Add the 2-digit zip code to pinpoint the exact location that you are calling.:After the country number, enter the city number. These codes are different for every major city or area of  Africa. To see a complete list, go to the website of your mobile operator.

To call the number you desire, dial the following: The remaining digits of your phone number are after the exit code, country code, and city codes. Verify the 7-digit length of the phone number you are calling is 7. This is  Africa. Before you press call, confirm that the final format of the number is exit, country, or city code. Then, the phone number.





Virtual Phone Numbers for Africa :

Virtual Africa Phone Numbers allow you to connect with loved ones and business contacts in Africa. Virtual Africa Phone number offers many benefits. It allows you to make and get calls from anywhere in Europe, as well as a local presence within Africa. VirtualAfrica phone numbers can be used either with a VoIP system or with a Virtual PBX to maintain a local presence in Africa. Virtual Africa Phone Numbers can be a great way to stay connected to your loved ones. Virtual Africa phone numbers are similar to African telephone numbers, but they don’t have physical lines. These numbers are hosted online and can forward all incoming calls to any of your phones. Even if Africa is not your business, you can still receive calls from African customers at local call charges.


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