How To Call The United States From South Africa

How to call the US using your mobile phone

The USA country codes are +1. It is added to the end of any US phone number you dial. You must include this number in your American contacts list when you save them to your smartphone. Make sure to add the three-digit area code from the list below. These details are not required each time you call. In other words:

  1. Dial the international escape country code or replace it on a mobile phone with +
  2. Add the US Country Code (1)
  3. Select the US area code from this list and add it to the box below
  4. Complete the form with the phone number.

How To Call The United States From South Africa:

For calling the United States from South Africa please follow the dialing instructions.

  • 00 Exit code South Africa. This is required for international calls from South Africa.
  • 1 – ISD Code, Country Code of United States
  • Areacode- There are 291 area codes in the United States like 979 area code,206 area code and many more. If you dial ISD Code after dialing an area code, dial the area code of your destination city in the United States. If there isn’t an area code dial the recipient’s telephone number following ISD Code.





USA virtual number:

With a virtual telephone number, you can be a local presence in America. You can be reached by customers within the United States via a local, toll-free phone number. Also, international calls can be forwarded to your virtual phone number. There are many ways you can get a USA virtual phone number. You can buy one online or through your phone service provider. Another retailer that sells USA virtual numbers is Lets Dial.

Register for an account at a website that provides this service if you wish to receive a USA Virtual Number. Once you have created an Account, you can select the desired number and activate it. Once you have your USA Virtual Number, you can use it to do many things. It can be used to send and get text messages as well as make and receive phone calls. You can also use it for setting up VoIP (Voice over IP), service that will allow you make and receive calls over internet.

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