Linked Phone

What is Linked Phone?

Linked Phone allows your whole team to be connected to one phone number. Just a few mouse clicks and you can set up a professional call list to route your callers directly to the best team member or device. Because your business phone number is stored in the cloud, you can route all incoming business calls from any phone, device, computer, or phone. It’s business communications made easy for modern workers. You can use your cell phone to communicate with your business partner in New York, but she may be working from her San Francisco computer. Customers dialing your business number will both ring until someone picks it up. To route the call only to you, you can set up a call-menu option. You can also make use of the dialing-byname or dialing-by extension options that come with every Linked Phone package. If you are looking to set up a call center or any other telephony service, just sign up on Ajoxi



Advantages in Buisness:

Linked Phone has a very low cost and easy setup. To set up traditional business phone systems, you’ll need significant IT and financial resources. You’d need to buy PBX server gear, new hardware, software, and compatible desk phones, as well as hire, specialized IT expertise to manage and maintain the system. LinkedPhone makes it easy to replace your existing equipment. It works with any phone, device, or computer you already own. We manage all of the IT issues so you can get on with what matters, which is building your business.

LinkedPhone understands small business owners want flexibility, especially in financial matters. Instead of charging customers per feature, our plans include all the features needed to run your business efficiently. Unlimited business voice and text messaging are also included so you don’t have to count minutes. No long-term contracts are available. Cancel at any point.

We are offering the virtual phone number in USA area codes like 989 area code,210 area code, and many more. We also provide some services like Call Nation also read our latest blog on ITFS which might helpful to you.

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